Designs created to be a WHOLE VIBE...

Official merchandise of Designer Chic Designs and Created with the LOVE of the Artistic Culture, our mission is to provide trendsetting merchandise that would make a statement without saying a word.

Owned and operated by Jami Robinson, who goes by, "The Visual Storyteller".  She is the owner of the parent company Designer Chic Designs.  A Branding agency that offers services such as: Brand Development, Creative Design, Photography, and Social Media Management.  She wanted to create a brand that promotes the Black Culture and plays off of the artistic vibes she loves.

"Color and Subliminal Art is my thing.  I want everyone who purchases our products to feel as if they are making a statement or a WHOLE VIBE when stepping into the room." - Jami Robinson, Creator/CEO

Originally from, "The Happiest Place in the World", Orlando FL.  Jami loves to fall back into her Floridian, Happy-Go-Hustle way of thinking by creating Fun, Trendsetting, Visual Art with subliminal motives.

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